Japanese Genmaicha


Japanese green tea blended with roasted brown rice. 

This genmaicha (Japanese for 'brown rice tea') is addictive with the nuttiness of the brown rice balanced out by the bitterness of the green tea. Delicious as an after meal cuppa to aid digestion.

Behind the Recipe
One of the highlights of head blender, Jodie, popping out to her local Japanese restaurant was the glorious tea they served. She used to order a pot and then proceed to give anyone at the table the side eye if they even dared to steal some! Now she's found a delicious blend to enjoy any time and it's only natural to share it with you.

Japanese green tea, Roasted brown rice
(Australian Certified Organic)

Crowd Pleasing Brewing Options

  • Serve hot without milk

Crowd Pleasing Benefits**

  • Japanese green for high antioxidants
  • Roasted brown rice to balance blood sugar 

This tea contains caffeine.

Freshness Guarantee

All blends are made with organic herbs, fruits and tea leaves in small batches so you get maximum freshness and a delicious taste in every single cup.

Brewing Guide

Herbal Tisanes
4 - 6 minutes at 100°C

Black Tea
3 - 5 minutes at 100°C

Green Tea
3 - 5 minutes at 80°C

Oolong Tea
3 - 5 minutes at 90°C

Tea Tip: If you dont have a whizz-bang kettle with a variable temperature setting, boil the water until completion (100°C) and let it sit in the kettle with the lid open for a few minutes. This will bring the temperature down to avoid burning green or oolong tea and turning it bitter.

Refill Options

Glass Jar with Bamboo Lid = Small Pouch
Tin = Large Pouch or Box

About Jodie (Head Blender)

Hello! I'm Jodie - the blender behind The Tea Crowd. I love getting in the kitchen and playing around with natural and organic tea leaves, fruits and herbs until a delicious blend is created.

I started The Tea Crowd in 2017 to find alternatives to coffee, sweetened beverages and alcohol after being diagnosed with endometriosis and IBS while also being gluten intolerant and sensitive to dairy. Being a tea lover from way back, I found that some existing tea brands were triggering my symptoms due to the extra additives and flavourings and poor quality ingredients.

I wanted a tea I could drink all day that tasted good as well as having amazing natural health benefits. I'm proud to produce quality, small batch teas with no hidden additives or flavourings - only the good stuff. What you see in your cup is what you get in your tea... tea as it should be!   

The tea is hand blended and packaged in small batches for maximum freshness in Perth, Western Australia. 

Good tea brings people together so pop the kettle on, grab a cup and settle in for your own little 'tea crowd' of one... or two.. or more... with refills, of course! 

Happy brewing!

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