Where do you source your tea ingredients?
We source natural and organic loose leaf tea leaves, fruits and herbs from an Australian owned, family operated supplier. These ingredients have been sourced from many magical areas around the world with strict growing standards. The organic ingredients have been 'Australian Certified Organic' and the natural or wild-crafted ingredients sourced from chemical free areas.

Is your tea hand-blended?
Yes! We hand blend and package all of the teas in small batches to ensure maximum freshness. Half the fun is coming up with new recipes and experimenting with different flavours in the kitchen... Our teas contain no synthetic flavours so you know the yummy taste is from real ingredients and not artificially manufactured. 

What are your serving sizes? 
Our small pouches and glass jars make approximately 15 - 20 cups. Our large pouches and tea tins make approximately 30 - 40 cups. The large pouches are ideal to refill the tea tins.

Why are there different grams for each kind of blend? 
All serving sizes are exactly the same in each tin, jar or pouch between blends. Each blend has different weights due to the 'density' of the ingredients. For example, Ginger Zing, with root-based ingredients, will have more grams than Sweet Slumber, which is leaf-based, but the amount of serves in each size is the same.

How long does your tea stay fresh?
It really depends on the tea in question. Straight tea (those without dried fruits and other tasty stuff) lasts longer than mixed blends. We recommend storing your tea in a cool, dry, dark place in a well sealed container to make the most of your tea. The best before date is a great guideline on how long to keep brewing for optimum taste. 

Does your tea contain caffeine? 
All of our herbal teas/tisanes are caffeine free. White, green and black blends contain caffeine but the level depends on how long you steep the tea for and at what temperature.

What is the best way to store my tea?
In an airtight container in a dry, cool place away from heat and out of the refrigerator or freezer. Make sure the container you select protects against exposure to light, humidity and high temperatures where possible.

Do you offer gift cards?
Yes! You can purchase a gift card for our online store here.

Can we stock your tea in our shop via wholesale?
Sure! Send us an email at hello@thetecrowd.com.au with your details and we will get in touch. 

Can we serve your tea in our cafe via wholesale?
We'd love nothing more! Wholesale options are available to those in hospitality. Send us an email at hello@thetecrowd.com.au with your details and we will get in touch. 

Do you have your own store where we can buy your tea from?
We are online only but you can find us popping up at various markets and at selected stockists. Follow us on social media to find out where we are next.

What is your refund and returns policy?
Check out the Refund and Returns page for further information.

Do you offer international shipping?
Orders are only available to be shipped within Australia. See our shipping information here.

Do you offer express shipping?
Express shipping is available Australia wide. See our shipping information here. Please note we can not guarantee specific delivery dates.

Need further info? Drop us a line via the Contact Us page.