Hello! I'm Jodie - the blender behind The Tea Crowd. I love nothing more than getting in the kitchen and playing around with natural and organic tea leaves, fruits and herbs until a delicious blend is created. I adore traditional teas but the exciting part is creating a blend exclusive to The Tea Crowd and sharing it with you.

I'm proud to produce quality, small batch teas with no hidden additives or flavourings - only the good stuff. Everything you see in your cup is what you get in your tea... tea as it should be!

The tea is created, hand blended and packaged in small batches in Perth, Western Australia. 

Good tea brings people together so pop the kettle on, grab a cup and settle in for your own little 'tea crowd' of one... or two.. or more... with refills, of course! 

Happy brewing!

The Tea Crowd

Jodie from The Tea Crowd