Hands up who loves tea? I do! If, like me, you can't go a day without a brew or two then you're in the right place.

I'm Jodie - the driving force behind The Tea Crowd. I love nothing more than getting in the kitchen and playing around with all the natural and organic tea leaves, fruits and herbs until a new magical blend is created. I adore traditional teas but the exciting part is creating a new blend unique to The Tea Crowd and sharing it with you all. I'm not a fan of fake flavours so you'll see none of that here.

Why choose The Tea Crowd? There are so many tea providers out there, some small batch but a lot that are mass manufactured, and I wanted to really make teas that cut through as unique and with a more wholesome touch. Everything you see in your cup is what you get in your tea - there is nothing hidden. Synthetic flavourings are added to a lot to teas and I wanted to bring it back to a more natural cuppa and a tea that you want to take time out and enjoy like a daily ritual. 

The tea is created, hand blended and packaged in small batches in Perth, Western Australia. I love to support local and #shopsmall.

Good tea brings people together so pop the kettle on, grab a cup and settle in for your own little 'tea crowd' of one... or two.. or more... Happy brewing!

Jodie from The Tea Crowd

The Tea Crowd