Dandy Delight


Tasting Notes
Dandelion, chicory and cinnamon come together for a smooth, caffeine free brew with a delicious coffee aroma

Crowd Recommendation
Love coffee but need a break? If you're after a tea that can give you those good-time coffee feels without the caffeine then this is the brew for you!

Also delicious served chilled as an 'iced coffee' alternative with or without milk.

Dandelion root*, Chicory root*, Cinnamon*
(*Australian Certified Organic)

Crowd Pleasing Benefits**

  • Dandelion root for improved digestion and healthy gut flora
  • Chicory root for relief of wind and bloating
  • Cinnamon for anti-inflammatory properties

Brewing Suggestion

4 - 6 minutes 100°C

Crowd Pleasing Extras

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