How long does the tea last for?
The tea blends have a long shelf life (around 12 months) if stored correctly in an airtight tin or pouch. No need to try and drink it all in one month! You can certainly come back to it later and drink it at your leisure as long as it has been sealed tight to keep fresh. 

When do you take payment for the Cuppa Club?

Payments are deducted from your nominated account on the 1st of every month. If payment fails, it will be processed again the following day up to a maximum of 4 tries. Payment may be taken when you sign up (if on another days besides the 1st of the month) but will be refunded back to you in a short amount of time (it's the payment system checking you are a legitimate customer and verifying your card details).

How can I update my card details?
You can update your card details at anytime by logging into the payment portal. Details on how to log in are sent in an email when you sign up. 

How do I can cancel my subscription?
You can log into the payment portal at anytime and cancel your subscription. If payment has already been taken for that months box it will be cancelled from the next 1st of the month payment due date. Details on how to log in are sent in an email when you sign up. 

When are The Cuppa Club boxes shipped?
Orders are dispatched for The Tea Crowd between the 10th - 15th day of the month. If you join The Cuppa Club after 1st of the month, your first box will be dispatched the following month. There is no additional shipping fee. Subscriptions are only available to be shipped within Australia.

Can I give the subscription as a gift?
Yes! Please put the gift recipients name in the 'shipping' section and your details in the 'billing' section.

I have an allergy. Can I still join?
Sure! All ingredients of the new tea creations are clearly labelled. 

Is your tea hand-blended?
Yes! We hand blend and package all of the teas in small batches to ensure maximum freshness. Our teas contain no synthetic flavours so you know the yummy taste is from real ingredients and not artificially manufactured.

Need further info? Drop us a line via the Contact Us page.