Is tea a whole body thing? In a nutshell.. yes! 

The experience of drinking a cuppa goes far beyond the mouth to tummy path. That feeling of 'warming up', 'getting sleepy', 'aches and pains easing' or 'relieving stress' is not a myth and it all comes down to certain ingredients rolling up their sleeves and digging into body mechanics.

When creating a blend I want it to be about taste but I cant deny that I do add some ingredients in to impart natural health benefits. I want my teas to taste good as well as make you feel good.  

So what are the standouts when reaching for a cuppa to keep the winter chill under control? Here's a few I love:

  • Ginger - regular intake of ginger boosts circulation and gets your blood pumping all around your body especially to those hands and feet. The heat and zest of ginger is unmistakable and when paired with honey is a super power against colds. Hot tea pick: Ginger Zing.
  • Cinnamon - this ancient spice leaves a warm taste on the tongue and is a brilliant remedy for digestive upsets like wind, bloating and indigestion. Like ginger, it stimulates circulation and helps to strengthen blood flow to fingers and toes. Hot tea pick: Apple Pie.
  • Cardamom - this little green pod has a warm, slightly spicy taste and can lend itself to sweet or savoury taste profiles. It's also a mild stimulant with analgesic and antiseptic properties to help with digestion and chest congestion. Hot tea pick: Chai Spice.    
  • Fennel - with a distinct aroma, not only is fennel refreshing but it gently warms you up. It's mild enough for young and old and soothes mucous membranes relieving any coughs as well as easing wind and bloating. Hot tea pick: Restore.   

In my workshops I always say tea brings an extra taste profile to the table with sensation and heat. These ingredients certainly warm you up from the inside out!

Happy brewing,

Jodie x

*NOTE: This advice is general only and for specific medical issues please consult a general medical practitioner or health provider.

Jodie Millhouse