Tea Workshop: Private (Studio)


Book your own private blending workshop at our studio!

This workshop is perfect for up to 4 guests and is hosted in The Tea Crowd Studio located at The Retrospective Rooms in Hamilton Hill, WA.

Once purchased, I will be in contact to confirm your ideal date and time (subject to availability). Workshops run for approximately 2.5 hours.

    What's included in the workshop?

    Come along and play around with a selection of tea leaves, herbs and spices to make your own delicious blend to sip and enjoy all day long.

    • Basic blending guidance to DIY herbal, green and black teas
    • Ultimate brew tips to make your tea taste awesome and last longer 
    • A table full of amazing ingredients to smell and experiment with
    • Glass jars or pouches for your new creations! 

    The workshop allows enough time to create two or three of your own blend creations. If you're a tea wizard you might fit more in!

    Bonus extras:

    • Light refreshments
    • A take home tea guide to keep the cuppas coming

    Who should come to this workshop?
    This event is suitable for all tea drinkers from 'it's just leaves and water, right?' (beginner) to 'hit me with your best pot' (experienced).

    **Physical tickets are not posted. All information is sent via email. Ticket terms and conditions are here. By purchasing a private workshop ticket you agree to the terms and conditions as stated.