Hello! I'm Jodie - the blender behind The Tea CrowdI'm proud to produce quality, small batch teas with no hidden additives or flavourings - only the good stuff. Everything you see in your cup is what you get in your tea... tea as it should be! 

You've made the excellent choice in purchasing some of my delicious tea so let's make sure it's brewed right! Here are some hints and tips for brewing:
  • Give your tea time. Fill your tea infuser with the right amount of tea as recommended and give it adequate time to brew. If it's not strong enough, pop it back in to brew some more. Use less blend and brew for longer for maximum flavour versus filling up your infuser and doing a quick infusion. 

  • Don't over boil the kettle! Saving water is important but every time the kettle is boiled the oxygen levels drop. If it drops too much the water you brew with can be 'flat' and make your tea lack flavour from poor infusion. Top your kettle up as you need with freshly drawn cold water and save the super boiled stuff for plants or water bottles.

  • Check your water temperature. Green tea will be scalded and taste bitter with anything over 80 degrees, oolongs need a bit hotter at 90 degrees and black teas and tisanes (herbal) need as hot as you can get at 100 degrees to release flavour. If you don't have a fancy kettle with a variable temp setting, boil the kettle to the end and then flip the lid open for 5 minutes or so to bring the temperature down before brewing. It makes a huge difference in taste when you get it right!

Are you a teapot user? This one is for you! Swirl your empty teapot with boiling hot water, then discard before brewing, to warm it up. It prevents cracking and damage to the vessel, allows your tea to stay warmer for longer and gives a much stronger brew as the blend can infuse better in the hot temperature.

Most of all... enjoy!

Happy brewing,

Jodie x


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